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Concrete Mixers

Quikspray® Concrete Mixers are the most versatile mixers in the world being capable of mixing materials continuously and evenly to provide a smooth, air-free consistency.

Quikspray®, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of concrete mixers. Quikspray® Concrete Mixers have been sold to 60+ countries and have received worldwide acceptance due to ease of operation, simplicity of maintenance, and cleaning. Our concrete mixers are available in different sizes, capacities and power configurations to meet a variety of needs, making them the most versatile mixers in the world. Capabilities range from dustless mixing with a quality vacuum, lower dumping height requirement, and also electric, hydraulic or pneumatic speed options.

Buy a concrete mixer today and get the job done QUIKLY!

Concrete Mixers

U-Blend Mixer®


Cage Mixer™

U-Blend Dustless Mixer®

Concrete Mixer Demonstrations

U-Blend Dustless Mixer®

U-Blend Dustless Mixer® Demo

U-Blend Mixer® Removable Blades

Carrousel® Pump & Cage Mixer

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