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A Little History

The story of Quikspray®, Inc. began in the early 1950’s when Tom P. McRitchie began building barrel mixers to mix lime putty and plaster for the commercial construction industry. The idea took off, and Tom decided to form an official business. In 1954, he founded Quikstir®, Inc. Each week Tom, the sales manager and major stockholder, traveled to various businesses to demonstrate his mixers. Demand grew and Quikstir® began manufacturing mixers of various sizes and capacity.
Business continued to increase throughout the 1950’s & 1960’s, along with the need for larger and more powerful mixers. At the same time Tom recognized a need in the industry for the mechanical application (or spraying) of the industrial coatings that his mixers were mixing. So, in 1968, Tom established Quikspray®, Inc. as the manufacturer of these applicators. Initially, Quikspray® began by using technologies such as pressure pot conveyers, vertical piston pumps and progressive cavity screw pumps.
That worked well, until the industry began using larger aggregates and fibers to reinforce their coatings. Tom recognized that a new design was needed to transfer these thicker, heavier materials. The result: the Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump was born. The Carrousel® Pump was a redesigned age-old peristaltic pump. It is now available in 4 different sizes covering a variety of models designed to pump and/or spray most heavy body commercial coatings.
Today, the Quikstir® and Quikspray® companies remain family owned and operated by the second and third generation of McRitchie’s. The mixer line has grown along with the pump line, and a group of broadcasters and applicator guns have been added along with helpful accessory items. Today, Quikspray® and Quikstir® products are marketed and distributed worldwide.

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