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marine-pumpThe pictured QuikPump™ is a septic pump-out system for the marine industry.  This unit is powered by a standard, single speed 110 VAC motor, but multiple power systems are available with or without variable speed options.

The time proven Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump is the platform behind this maintenance free peristaltic pump.  If it can be flushed, then it can be pumped!” This unit is mounted on four stationary legs, but can be equipped with high flotation tires for ease of mobility around the marina or boat-yard.  The pictured unit is plumbed directly into a sewer system, as well as a manifold dock transfer system making multiple pump-out stations available.

Quikspray Presents

Learn how to build

Commercial Grade Rockscapes

This beginner friendly class will focus on equipment setup, mixing, spraying, waterproofing, carving, coloring, and bas-relief techniques.

Armature, backing, and structure will be highlighted.

The class will be
instructed by Richard
L. Winget with
Richard has over
thirty years of hands on experience.

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