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Stucco Mixers

Quikspray® Stucco Mixers are the most versatile mixers in the world being capable of mixing materials continuously and evenly to provide a smooth, air-free consistency.

Quikspray®, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of industrial mixers. Quikspray® Stucco Mixers have been sold to 60+ countries and have received worldwide acceptance due to ease of operation, simplicity of maintenance, and cleaning. Our stucco mixers are available in different sizes, capacities and power configurations to meet a variety of needs, making them the most versatile mixers in the world. Capabilities range from dustless mixing with a quality vacuum, lower dumping height requirement, and also electric, hydraulic or pneumatic speed options.

Buy a stucco mixer today and get the job done QUIKLY!

Stucco Mixers

U-Blend Mixer®


Cage Mixer™

U-Blend Dustless Mixer®

Save Labor Costs & Time

With Quikspray® stucco mixers you’ll noticeably increase your productivity. Mix stucco with ease. You’ll quickly notice your crew can get twice as much done!


Easy To Use and Maneuver

Our stucco mixers are compact and portable! You can easily transport Quikspray® equipment from job site to job site. Our mixers are easy to clean and pack-up, making you ready for your next job!

Stucco Mixer Demonstrations

U-Blend Dustless Mixer®

U-Blend Dustless Mixer® Demo

U-Blend Mixer® Removable Blades

Carrousel® Pump & Cage Mixer

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