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The Dustless U-Blend Mixer® is specifically designed to allow lower dumping heights for a variety of containers that eases operator fatigue. In addition, the use of the U-Blend Dustless Lid in combination with a quality vacuum takes the dust from the mixing environment to near zero.

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U-Blend Mixer with Dustless Lid

The Quikspray Dustless Mixer is equipped with a lid that can be connected to an industry rated vacuum such as a Pulse Bac HEPA rated vacuum.  The use of the U-Blend Dustless Lid in combination with a quality vacuum takes the dust from the mixing environment to near zero.  This dustless top is also extremely beneficial when mixing indoors.  Not only does it trap the dust, it is also more mobile than having to set up a hood to draw dust away.  Using a hood system still allows the dust to escape into the air before it is captured and removed.  Quikspray’s U-Blend Dustless Lid keeps the dust inside the mixer and removes it with the vacuum.  A vacuum is not necessary, but greatly helps in the dust collection and is highly recommended.  The size of the vacuum port can be custom ordered from Quikspray to fit your vacuum of choice.  The Quikspray Dustless Lid is specifically designed to fit any Quikspray U-Blend Mixer.  The Dustless Lid can be purchased with a new U-Blend or ordered separately and added on to your existing U-Blend.  The use of the dustless lid does not negate the use of personal protection equipment.


  • Tub dimensions: 31” x 15.5”
  • 6.65 cu/ft volume tub
  • 4+ cu/ft working capacity
  • Dump height: 46” max. – 27.5” min.


  • Runs in Forward and Reverse
  • Removable Mixer Blades
  • Dustless Lid
  • Rugged Design
  • Mixing Versatility
  • Safety Shut Off Electric or Air
  • Balanced Mixing Blades Adjustable Wipes
  • Large Bottom Discharge
  • Sealed S/S Drive Shaft
  • Various Gear Ratios
  • Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic – Variable Speed Option
  • Lower Overall Height
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Easily Portable

Why Go Dustless

The health and safety in the work place is a growing concern, especially when it applies to the commercial coatings industry.  Silicosis is dangerous when mixing products and some materials tend to be very dusty, so Quikspray has created a dustless lid for the U-Blend mixer to help eliminate dusting from the mixing operation.

U-Blend Dustless Mixer Demo

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110 VAC, 220 VAC, Hydraulic, Pneumatic

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