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Plaster Pumps

Quikspray® Plasters Pumps are the most versatile pumps that can apply at a rate that will be comparable with 1 to 4 trowel men finishing the surface after being sprayed. The low-pressure nozzle allows for either interior or exterior applications with little to no over-spray. Simple operation of this equipment allows for unskilled labor, while maximizing production. Sealed bearings, an internally clean system and low/no maintenance with 1000-2000 sq/ft per hour rate increases profits.

Quikspray®, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of pool plaster pumps. Quikspray® Plaster Pumps have been sold to 60+ countries and have received worldwide acceptance due to ease of operation, simplicity of maintenance, and cleaning. Our plaster pumps are available in different sizes, capacities and power configurations to meet a variety of needs, making them the most versatile pumps in the world.

Buy a plaster pump today and get the job done QUIKLY!

Plaster Pumps

plaster pump

Carrousel Plaster Pump

Save Labor Costs & Time

With Quikspray® plaster pumps you’ll noticeably increase your productivity. Spray or pump plaster with ease. You’ll quickly notice your crew can get twice as much done!


Designed to Handle Anything

Our design and engineering allow for our pumps and sprayers to handle a broad range of materials, including epoxy-based mortars, heavy bodied materials, non-skid coatings, waterproofing and cementitious coatings. The Carrousel Pump is commonly used at parking garages, mining, oil and gas applications, water and wastewater treatment plants, road construction, to name a few.

Easy To Use and Maneuver

Our plaster pumps are compact and portable! You can easily transport Quikspray® equipment from job site to job site. The carrousel plaster pump is easy to clean and pack-up, making you ready for your next job!

Plaster Pump Demonstrations

Structo-Lite® Basecoat by USG® and Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump

Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump and U-Blend Mixer™ is used to apply Asona Plaster Base & Finish

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