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Broadcast Aggregate

stoneblowerThe Quikspray® Stoneblower™ is a hand-held dry aggregate blower designed to place small stones, marble chips and other decorative products like Coquina shells into unset cement or epoxy base coats for use in decorative panels or exposed aggregate finishes. This unit is not used for small aggregate, like sand, but larger sizes up to #4 work great!  Another use for this unit is placing non-skid into base coats for non-skid applications.

The Quikspray® Industrial AG-Blower™ will place quartz aggregate, sand, fillers, or non-skid granuals at a rate of 30-45 lbs/min into unset epoxy, cement, or polyester base coats. The Quikspray® Commercial Chip Sprayer™ is designed for seamless floor or wall applications.  It features a 2-speed 2-3HP blower with 150/196 cfm of air with a velocity up to 33,570 fpm. The transfer and metering of the chip is accomplished with a positive, variable speed auger feed powered by a separate gear reduced motor. The fast application of chips into wet resin eliminates any stop and go action.  The Quikspray® Handheld Chip Sprayer™ permits the even distribution of large and small, variegated or mono colored chips for seamless application. Even distribution allows for less product waste and less clean up. The low pressure/high volume blower reduces chip breakage, sometimes found with hand application.

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