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Surface Bonding

surface bonding

This application uses a double hopper Carrousel® Pump model 12510MK-3, with an onboard mixer, being used to spray and apply Glass Fiber Reinforced Surface Bonding Cement.

This “surface bonding cement” is manufactured by several companies for the building of “dry stacked” walls and/or spraying on foundation coatings for strength and waterproofing. The original basic Quikspray® 8-airjet gun was designed (in the late 60’s) for spraying this product as it passes the fiber without clogging. The venture design of the 8-airjet gun also helps the product to be pumped, as it creates a negative pressure or suction, which allows for a very smooth flow. Production is reported to be in access of 2000 sq./ft per hour with this 1.25” I.D. Carrousel® Pump and 20% more can be expected with the pneumatic version with a 1.5” I.D. system.

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