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Concrete Mixers For Sale

Mixing concrete by hand is a hassle. And most of the time, you end up with a lumpy, uneven, and useless batch of concrete. Make mixing concrete easier than ever with one of QuikSpray’s heavy-duty concrete mixers for sale.

Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers take the hassle out of mixing concrete. Instead of mixing concrete by hand or in small batches, concrete mixers do a thorough job of evenly distributing cement, aggregates, and water to create a thick slurry. In order to provide you with the best distribution, prevent over-mixing, and get a more even pour, QuikSpray has a variety of concrete mixers that are suitable for any job.

QuikSpray’s concrete mixers evenly distribute the mixture in the container—ensuring that all elements are thoroughly combined. Our concrete mixers also provide you with a thick end-product that can be poured easily and avoids clumping. And finally, some of our mixers have built-in mechanisms to prevent overmixing—making sure all your supplies are used and not wasted.

Why Choose A Concrete Mixer?

While your jobs may be easily completed at the moment, as you expand your business or take on larger projects, making big batches of concrete will be essential. Plus, with larger batches, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time—no more time spent making batches or difficult pouring out the mixture.

Personal Concrete Mixers

Looking to increase the speed and quality of your at-home projects? Why not get a concrete mixer? QuikSpray has a wide variety of mixers designed to make your projects easier and faster. No more hand-mixing your concrete to get a clumpy, inconsistent pour—use one of QuikSpray’s options to get the job done.

QuikStir 5 Gallon Bucket Mixer

When you have thin cement mixes that need to be completed, the QuikStire 5 Gallon Bucket Mixer is an ideal solution. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, this mixer is easy to clean. With stationary mixing paddles that reach the sides and bottom of the replaceable standard 5-gallon mixing container, you can ensure your thin concrete mix is adequately combined.

Cage Mixer

Need something a little more heavy duty? The Cage Mixer is designed to attach to your drill at home and can be used for thicker concrete mixes. The Cage Mixer draws the material into and through the blades, which by shear action, evenly disperses and blends the ingredients. The resulting mix has a smooth and air-free consistency.

Professional Concrete Mixers

Looking for concrete mixers that make the job go by faster? Need a more heavy-duty mixer that can withstand the test of time? Want something that can connect to a pump for easy application? QuikSpray can provide you with all of that and more.

U-Blend Mixer

The U-Blend Mixer is designed to evenly mix all slurries and provide you with ideal consistency. Plus, with lower dumping heights this mixer can be used with a variety of containers and make life easier on the operator. This mixer is portable and mixes in both the forward and reverse positions. And with the ability to remove the blades, cleanup has never been easier.

U-Blend Dustless Mixer

Similar to the U-Blend Mixer, the U-Blend Dustless Mixer is designed to make lower dumping heights easier. In addition, the dustless lid and quality vacuum eliminate the dust expelled from the mixer—keeping your work site safer than before.

Carrousel Pump

In addition to our mixers, QuikSpray offers concrete pumps that make your applications much easier. Use one of our U-Blend mixers and transfer the mixer into the pump. Then, our heavy-duty applicator can make projects such as fireproofing, stucco, shotcrete, and artificial scapes, go by much quicker.

Concrete Mixers for Sale at QuikSpray

Are you ready to take the next step and become more productive? Look at all QuikSpray has to offer! Our concrete mixers are built to last and help you through your toughest projects. We know how much manpower it takes to get these jobs done, but we want to make your life a little easier. Discover how much more productive your business can be and how fast your projects go by with one of QuikSprays concrete mixers for sale.

With all of our products and tools, it is no wonder that QuikSpray has become the top-rated concrete mixer and pump manufacturer. Call us at (419) 732-2611, or visit us online today, to get started on your next concrete project.

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