Underlayment Pump™

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Introducing the Quikspray® Underlayment Pump.

This underlayment pump™ is easy to load yet delivers batch after batch of consistently mixed material. A parabolic mixing chamber and self-measuring water tank allow the operator to accurately set the correct ratio of material for any job. The Quikspray® Underlayment Pump quietly takes the guesswork out of application with precise operator control. Its superior mobility and high ground clearance permit access into tight areas.

At the heart of the system is a soft rubber tube fitted inside U-shaped roller walls. Peristaltic action means you never prime and you can control the output by way of a remote control. With no ball valves, seals, rotors or pistons there's no danger of damage if the pump runs dry. Material touches just the hopper and the rubber tube so cleanup and maintenance are a breeze. And when it's time, tube replacement is fast and inexpensive.

The following four amenities are not exactly the first phrases that come to mind when you think of underlayment pumps. But the equipment you're about to meet may change your view on Gypsum or cement application.

  • Easy Loading
  • Precise Control
  • Fast Cleanup
  • Low Maintenance

When you're in the market for Underlayment Pump remember the Quikspray® family of pumps and mixers. They're built to work for you.

Add up the features:

  • Compact and maneuverable on 16 inch tires
  • Two 3.2 cu. ft. parabolic shaped drums
  • Two 2-speed high torque mixing motors
  • Durable peristaltic pump
  • Mixes and pumps up to 35 bags per hour
  • Volume controlled water tank
  • Inexpensive, lightweight material hose
  • Remote control
  • Powered by standard 120 volt circuit
  • Height 40", length 69", width 34"
  • Shipping weight - 750 lbs


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