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What Type of Pump is Best for Cement?

There are a variety of products for pumping cement. Choosing the right pump all comes down to what type of aggregate you are pumping — cement, cementitious grouts, mortar, stucco — and the type of job — fireproofing, coating, patching, sealing. Keep reading to get the details on the different types of cement pumps to be sure you select the right kind of cement pump for the job.

Is a Carrousel Pump Good for Cement?

Carrousel® manufactures excellent cement pumps. These pumps are most often used for industrial buildings and petro-chemical plants to spray for fireproofing. Carrousel® pumps are great for patching, production work, and difficult to reach areas.

The increased capacity, maneuverability, and versatility of Carrousel® pumps makes them dependable with low maintenance. They are easy to operate with variable speeds and provide a fast cleanup. 

With additional accessories available such as an LV Remote control w/ 40′ low voltage line w/ switch, the Quikspray – 1.5 HP/110VAC  Rolair Compressor, and the Quikspray U-Blend Mixer®, Carrousel® pumps for cement are a great investment to add to your contracting inventory.

Is a 2” Carrousel Pump Good for Cement?

The 2” Carrousel pump is one of the higher end, top of the line pumps with couplings designed for pumping more viscous cement with aggregates or reinforcing fibers. It yields the highest production out of all cement pumps with a pumping rate of six cubic yards per hour. This pump is great for larger commercial jobs because it comes with heavy duty tires and can spray further distances at much higher pressures. The 2″ pump can pump 3/8″ gravel, crushed rock, or crushed stone

The 2” Carrousel pump is one of the most versatile pumps available on the market. It is excellent for a variety of materials such as self-consolidating concrete, pour and form, heavily bodied epoxies, shotcrete, and stuccos. The pump is peristaltic in design allowing for clean up with a minimal amount of water and within only a few minutes.

Is a Heavy Duty Grout Pump Good for Cement?

A heavy duty grout pump is honestly best for finer aggregates and cementitious grouts that are sand-based that will not shrink over time. Heavy duty grout pumps are used to apply coatings that dry quickly but must be applied in several layers. These pumps are smaller in size and lightweight and are more appropriate in situations when higher pressure is not required.

A heavy duty grout pump can handle 1/4″ gravel, crushed rock, or crushed stone. 

Is the 200 Grout Plant Good for Cement?

This product is an excellent choice if you need one piece of machinery to both mix and apply cement. The grout station continuously mixes up to 200L of aggregate and simultaneously pumps cement to get any job done quickly and effectively.

Is a Mini Pump Good for Cement?

Like the 200 Grout Plant, the Mini Pump both mixes and applies cements and other aggregates. It is the most lightweight station available and is great for small construction sites in urban areas such as houses because of its smaller capacity. It can also be assembled and disassembled quickly on-site.

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