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How Does Waterproofing a Basement Work?

how-to-waterproof-a-basementYour basement, nestled beneath the surface, faces the constant threat of water damage and potential flooding. But fear not! With the power of Quikspray Inc, the forefront provider of cutting-edge pump and mixer solutions, you can fortify your basement against the perils of moisture. Our blog post today unveils the secrets of basement waterproofing, equipping you with the knowledge to shield your space with confidence.

From the humble beginnings of Quikspray®, Inc. in the 1950s, where Tom P. McRitchie revolutionized the construction industry with his barrel mixers, to the modern techniques employed in our waterproofing solutions, we’ll take you on an exciting journey. So join us as we explore the world of basement waterproofing and empower you to keep your property safe and sound. Let’s dive in!

Waterproofing Exterior Foundations

Step one in fortifying your basement is to waterproof the exterior foundations. While it may involve some excavation and come with a higher cost, it’s a worthy investment for the protection of your home. If you’re in the early stages of constructing your property, our team at Quikspray Inc recommends having your trusted contractor apply our premium waterproofing material to the external side of your basement walls. To further bolster the defense against water intrusion, consider installing our reliable trench drain underground. With this proactive approach, you can ensure your basement remains impervious to water damage for years to come.

Installing an Interior Drainage System

Another option to consider is the installation of a reliable interior drainage system. This approach offers a more cost-effective solution and minimizes disruptions compared to exterior excavation. By creating a strategically placed trench near your basement floor, our dedicated drain system and efficient sump pump work in tandem to swiftly redirect accumulating water away from your basement’s lowest point.

It’s important to note that while this method provides excellent protection, it might impact the aesthetics or restrict certain uses of your basement, such as converting it into a cozy living space. However, with Quikspray Inc’s expertise, we’ll help you find the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal to ensure your basement remains secure.

Apply Waterproofing Material Over the Internal Walls

Your third and most versatile option is to utilize a dedicated waterproofing material on the internal walls of your basement. Quikspray’s innovative Carrousel Pump empowers you to effortlessly apply waterproofing materials to your basement walls, saving you time and effort. By applying a reliable sealant and/or epoxy injection, you effectively barricade moisture from infiltrating your basement through the walls.

This approach proves particularly advantageous if the ground surrounding your home tends to retain moisture throughout the year. To ensure optimal results, we recommend using the Carrousel Pump with a combination of porous foam and flexible sealant. This dynamic duo prevents leaks without the risk of cracks, commonly associated with mortar-based solutions. When complemented by a well-designed drainage system, your basement will be virtually impervious to floods.

carrousel-pumpQuikspray’s Carrousel Pump is the ultimate choice for effortlessly applying waterproofing materials. With its adaptable rubber tube, which is the only component that comes into contact with the material being pumped, cleaning up and packing up afterward is a breeze.

Plus, you can easily obtain a quick quote for the Carrousel Pump at Quikspray, ensuring transparency regarding the cost. Don’t wait any longer—take proactive steps to waterproof your basement today with the Quikspray Carrousel Pump, the cost-effective and reliable solution for applying various materials, from concrete to waterproof resin and beyond.

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