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How Do You Use Marine Coating Pumps?


Using marine coating pumps from Quikspray is straightforward. When you get the pump, it will come with instructions and a manual. Be sure to always follow those directions. With that said, you will go through the following process.

The Process

Start by measuring the temperature of your components to ensure they are in the proper range. From there, you can add your B component to your A component. Be sure to mix the two together thoroughly. Do this slowly, as that helps ensure a smooth mixture. The pump’s manual will let you know how long to mix for. Otherwise, do so for at least three or so minutes or until everything looks uniform.

Now, you can pour the components into the pump. The mixture will come out of the spray nozzle on the other end, letting you apply it with ease. Move the nozzle slowly over the area that you need to coat. Move the nozzle constantly but slowly, going over each area for as long as you need to apply the desired amount of coating.

Always Confirm the Application and Coating Work with the Pump

Before you use a marine coating pump, always confirm that the coating you want to apply will work with the pump in question. QuikSpray pumps are highly versatile, so this should not be a problem.

Read and Follow the Coating Instructions

Just like you should always follow the instructions for the pump, you need to do the same with the coating before mixing it. The coating’s packaging or instruction sheet should always tell you the correct proportions to use.

Cleaning the Pump After

With many marine coating pumps, you have to disassemble various components and scrub hard to clean the system after. But the QuikSpray pumps are designed to be very easy to clean, requiring minimal water. Just fill the hopper with water and throw in a sponge ball. Once the sponge ball comes out of the nozzle on the other end, you know that it has cleaned the entire path through. You can repeat this process with a second sponge ball if necessary. But you are unlikely to need more than two sponge balls to thoroughly clean a QuikSpray pump.

When in Doubt, Ask QuikSpray

Using a marine coating pump is pretty straightforward. You simply put the coating mixture into the hopper, let it mix for a few minutes, and then direct the nozzle where you want to apply the coating. When in doubt, reach out to QuikSpray with your questions or check out the product demos on our website.

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