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Epoxy Grout Pump

Epoxy grout is important for many manufacturing and industrial projects. But when it comes to applying epoxy grout quickly and easily, it’s often convenient to use a durable, functional pump instead of applying your material by hand. Whenever you need a quality epoxy grout pump, you can rely on Quikspray to have just the machine for your needs.

Epoxy Explained

Epoxy is a polymer comprised of several chemical compounds with large molecular sizes. The molecular structure of all polymers determines their toughness, elasticity, and other attributes.

Epoxy resins specifically include “epoxides.” Epoxides are very reactive groups of molecules that cure or harden when they go through chemical reactions. Epoxy may be hardened by combining it with other polymers or substances or by heating it rapidly.

There are two types of epoxy resins used in everyday and industrial applications:

  • Heat-cured epoxy resins are frequently used in industrial contexts. They have a high heat requirement to cure, but are highly resilient
  • Two-part epoxy resins, which have separately packaged components. Those components are needed for their chemical reactions. They include a resin or “steel” mixed with a hardener compound, which transforms the thick and heavy liquid epoxy into a putty-like material, then a fully hardened and cured material

What is Epoxy Used for?

Epoxy resin is primarily useful thanks to its adhesive qualities and overall durability. Because epoxy is resistant to both heat and chemical applications, it’s perfect for any surfaces or objects that require strong, consistent holds under intense pressures.

The most common use for epoxy is as a protective resin or coating. It’s used to cover and protect materials like wood, concrete, China, glass, or metal. However, epoxy is not frequently used for locations that will be exposed to lots of water; epoxy is not water repellent.

Epoxy is furthermore used as:

  • Adhesives. Epoxy has very strong properties, so it can be used as an engineering or structural adhesive when creating things like bicycles, aircraft, structures, and more
  • Insulators and protectors against dust, short-circuiting, and moisture for electronics, such as motors, generators, and transformers
  • Paint. Epoxy paint is often used to coat household goods such as stoves, dryers, and washers. It’s also used in commercial settings since it can be used to create a durable white paint
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings and sealants. Epoxy can be applied to household objects that would otherwise rust, like paint cans, metal containers, etc.
  • Resin to repair household objects ranging from China to glass to ceramic and more

Due to its strength, elasticity, and resistance to damage, epoxy is a common material for manufacturing, construction, and industrial projects. You can use epoxy for finishing structures, constructing large objects, and much more.

Epoxy Grout Pumps from Quikspray

Quikspray knows just how valuable epoxy is. That’s why we offer several different epoxy grout pumps that allow you to quickly transport epoxy from place to place with little mess and no downtime. Our available pumps include:

  • Quikspray Carrousel Pump, a versatile pump with a soft rubber tube that can be easily replaced if it becomes damaged or worn down over time.
  • Quikspray Heavy Duty Carrousel Pump, a high-powered and efficient pumping system that uses specially designed couplings to pump materials without issue.
  • Quikspray 200 Grout Plant, a combination of the above Carrousel pump and our U-Blend Mixer. This fully hydraulic solution is easily assembled and perfect for large-scale jobs.
  • Quikspray 2” Carrousel Pump, a pump that uses an efficient peristaltic pumping system as well as special couplings.
  • Quikspray Mini Pump, available in three different models and easy to maneuver into crowded environments or indoor worksites.

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