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The Best Pumpout System Available!

Foreign Objects? ....No Problem!

The Quikpump™ is the application of the peristaltic principle, similar to the human digestive system or squeezing a toothpaste tube. Worldwide acceptance is due to its ease of operation, simplicity, low/no maintenance, and dependability. This pumping system, unlike other systems, will pump anything that accidentally gets thrown into a boat's holding tank.


  • No moving parts contact material being pumped
  • No expensive replacement rotor/stator
  • No water supply line needed
  • No valves to fowl or maintain
  • No seals to repair or replace
  • Portability or rigid mount
  • Clear suction hose for visibility
  • TEFC 1H.P. 110VAC or 220VAC
  • Cleanest system regarding personnel health
  • Least overall cost and installation


  • Coin, token or manually operated
  • Variable electric or pnuematic power
  • Clear or colored delivery hoses
  • Available in 3HP or other power requirements upon request


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