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The Quikspray® Industrial AG-Blower™ will place quartz aggregate, sand, glass, fillers, or non-skid granuals at a rate of 30-45 lbs/min into unset epoxy, cement, or polyester basecoats.

The specially designed wheels allow the AG-Blower to be moved over the unset basecoat without leaving undesirable tracks.

The applicator can cover 2500 ft2 without moving the AG-Blower. This unit will save time, labor, and materials.

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  • Single Speed High Volume Blower
  • 28 gallon hopper and holds 300 lbs
  • Balanced Tilt Back Design
  • 110VAC, 50-60 hz (220 VAC available)
  • 20’x16/3 cord
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Low/No Maintenance
  • Ease of Mobility
  • 25”-W 42”-H 38”-L
  • 40lbs per minute of black beauty
  • 15ft line will broadcast 20 ft
  • With a velocity tube on the 15′ line it will shoot an additional 8-10 feet but the velocity tube reduces the flow rate.
  • Aggregate Size: 0.5-3mm



Broadcasting Non-Skid on a Trailer
Black Beauty Demo

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110 VAC, 220 VAC

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