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Modular, Portable, Affordable

Excellent for mass de-watering projects for marshes, ponds, fields, etc.

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PTO shafts and lay-flat hose available


  • One Straight Section
  • One Humpback Section
  • Two Straight Sections
  • One Strait Section and One Humpback Section
  • One Humpback Section and One Straight Section
  • Interchangeable

One section dike pump. This pump can be added on and modified into a longer or humpback style pump in the future.

The pump is convertible and can be changed upon requirements. Only one pump is needed to do multiple tasks.;

One-straight section with humpback section in the rear.

Two-straight section dike pump.

Skids for under body pump protection. Sixteen inch road quality wheels and tires for easy mobility. Stainless steel shafting for long-service life.

Sealed bearing boxes to increase bearing life. Spider coupling to reduce shaft vibrations.

Size Options

  • 8 inch
  • 12 inch


  • Equipped with a hitch for road travel
  • Sections can be removed for easier mobility
  • Balanced Rotor and P&G Stainless Drive Shaft
  • 16″ Road Wheels and Tires
  • Spider Coupling – Reduces Vibration
  • Multi-directional Discharge Elbow
  • Industrial Bearings
  • Frame Hitch with Tie Downs and Grate

Additional Equipment

  • Discharge Hose (Multiple Grades)
  • Standard PTO Shaft (Specify HP)
  • CV PTO Shafts Available
  • Custom Discharge Elbow
  • Water Control Structure (Specify Size)

Product Demo

Quikspray Presents

Learn how to build

Commercial Grade Rockscapes

This beginner friendly class will focus on equipment setup, mixing, spraying, waterproofing, carving, coloring, and bas-relief techniques.

Armature, backing, and structure will be highlighted.

The class will be
instructed by Richard
L. Winget with
Richard has over
thirty years of hands on experience.

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