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Manhole Relining Carrousel Pump


Manhole relining is a process of reinforcing existing infrastructure rather than replacing them, and can be done with the manhole relining Carrousel pump. The process is done by first bringing in engineers to assess the situation and understand the current conditions.

With the right information, the team can proceed to implement a plan to rehabilitate and even improve the condition of the manhole. By understanding what happens to manholes on a daily basis, they can do proper relining for long-term protection.

What Are the Benefits of Relining?

The primary benefit of relining is that it saves money. Replacing the entire current manhole can be expensive. If there is a chance to repair and reline an existing one, it will be more cost-efficient than replacement.

Another benefit of relining with the manhole relining Carrousel Pump is that it saves time. It takes more hours and manpower to replace a manhole compared to rehabilitating it. 

With relining, there are different materials that can be chosen for the process. Cementitious material is easy to apply and the most cost-efficient of the options. It also provides adequate protection against most chemicals. While cementitious material is a common choice, it would still depend on the actual requirement. 

Polymers, for example, have the best resistance to chemical corrosion. If the manhole is exposed to specific kinds of materials, then this could be the best option. 

Significant corrosion damage to the manhole could entail application of cement to rebuild and repair the structure. Only then can polymer be applied as an added layer of protection. 

The CIPP relining and rehabilitation can be done on manholes at least three feet in diameter. It is a less common option, but it’s an effective choice for specific situations.

How a Manhole Relining Carrousel Pump Works for Your Next Project

Having the right tools can always improve the efficiency of the project. The Quickspray Carrousel Pump is designed especially for relining projects. It uses rollers against a rubber tube to flatten it onto the U-shaped pressure wall of the pump, creating the squeeze principle. 

The design of the pump is simple and versatile, allowing you to use it in various situations and projects.


The Benefits of a Carrousel Pump

Using the Carrousel Pump can lead to faster, more accurate completion of projects. It is a simple machine that even unskilled workers can operate for relining projects. 

Maintenance of the Carrousel Pump is relatively affordable. No other internal part contacts the material except the rubber hose, which is an inexpensive part to replace. That gives you low to even no-maintenance costs on the pump.

The Carrousel Pump is an excellent tool for different projects like:


Aggregated and Non-Aggregated Epoxeies


Veneer Plasters



Artificial LAndscapes


Cement Interior and Exterior Coatings

And Many More

Carrousel Pump Products

Need a Manhole Relining Carrousel Pump?

Your team’s construction work can be more efficient with the Carrousel Pump. It is a beneficial tool in manhole relining and other types of repairs and construction. The pump is easy to operate. Even your newest teammate can easily learn how to use it. Added to that, post-project cleanup of the pump is a breeze.

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