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Best High Volume Water Pump For The Money

When it comes to choosing the best high volume water pump for the money, the QuikSpray Dike Pump is the best option. It is a professional grade pump, which means it is customizable. Our Dike Pump is available in 8 or 12 inch sizes. The larger the size, the more water volume removed from a field or construction site in a shorter period of time. 
High volume water pumps like the QuikSpray Dike Pump can pump water up to rates of 1,000 gallons per minute. The features of our Dike pump allow you to complete a dewatering job with ease.

What Are the Processes for Dewatering?

Dewatering involves removing water, sludge, or thicker liquid mixtures from an area.
There are four main types of dewatering methods:
  • Wellpoints
  • Deep wellpoints
  • Eductor wells
  • Sump pumps
The type of pump required for the dewatering project will depend on the mixture as well as the method in use. Smaller pumps are best for simple home projects. Agricultural or construction settings with high volume typically require a commercial pump.
The QuikSpray Dike Pump removes high volume water, sludge, or thicker substances. It works through connection to a piece of machinery, often a tractor, using a standard horsepower (HP) driven power take-off (PTO) shaft. The pump can also use a constant velocity (CV) shaft. Water or sludge gets removed from the location through a hose. The removal hose comes in a variety of different lengths and diameters.

When Should You Use a High Volume Water Pump?

best-high-volume-water-pump-for-the-money-headerThe QuikSpray Dike Pump dewatering system is the most ideal pump to use as a high volume water pump. It is excellent for mass dewatering projects for marshes, ponds, fields, and other agricultural settings
Because the QuikSpray Dike Pump is customizable, it can tackle any dewatering job of any size. The parts of the Dike pump consist of sections that are straight or humpback. This allows for the following configurations:
  • One straight section
  • One humpback section
  • Two straight sections
  • One strait section and one humpback section
  • One humpback section and one straight section
These five possible configurations make the QuikSpray Dike pump modular and portable. The above five configurations can be used for multiple tasks. The QuikSpray Dike pump comes with 16 inch road quality wheels and tires as well as a hitch for road travel. 

How Do You Choose A Dewatering Pump?

The QuikSpray Dike pump is the best high volume water pump for the money. It is the most durable and affordable high volume water pump on the market today. It also boasts an extensive feature list:
  • Balanced rotor and stainless steel drive shaft
  • Epider coupling to reduce shaft vibration
  • Multidirectional discharge elbow
  • Industrial bearings
  • A frame hitch with tie downs and grate
  • Skids for under body pump protection
Additional equipment available for purchase with your new QuikSpray Dike pump includes:
  • Multiple grades of discharge hoses
  • Water control structures of various sizes
  • Two types of shafts (HP and CV) depending on the machinery used
  • Customized discharge elbows depending on the machinery used
Still not sure if the QuikSpray Dike pump is the right high volume water pump to meet your needs? Call us at (419) 732-2611 or contact us online. Our team will be happy to answer all of your questions about dewatering systems. 

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