Custom Carrousel® Pumps

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If you have a unique need for a pump, we can build you a custom pump or mixer. All you have to do is ask!

Customers who purchase a custom pump are looking for a pump to fit their unique needs such as:

  • Space Requirements
  • An Output Requirement
  • Custom Company Color
  • Unique Added Features

Below are pictures of a few custom Quikspray® Carrousel® Pumps that have been built for the customers' specific needs.  

  • Configured horizontally or vertically (like the Quikpump™) and both configurations can use the 16” pneumatic tires or casters.
  • Pump was built for a customer in the mining industry that had a unique height constraint.  The pump was made with two mixers and two hoppers for maximum output. 
  • Pump was built around a hydraulic power pack that can be left in the unit or taken out.  



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