Carrousel® Pump

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What is the Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump?

The Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump is the application of the peristaltic or squeeze principle, similar to the human digestive system. Rollers rotate against the rubber tube, flattening it against the U-shaped pressure wall of the Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump. This soft rubber tube, the heart of the system, is the only part that contacts pumped material. It is inexpensive and easily replaced for damage or wear.

Advantages to the Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump

  • Available in 30+ models 1”, 1¼”, 1½” and 2” Internal Diameter
  • Excellent for fireproofing, stucco, shotcrete, artificial scapes (rocks and waterfalls), EIFS, veneer plasters, cement/plaster interior and exterior coatings, acoustics, glass fiber surface bonding cements, waterproofing, GFRC, GFRP, grouts, aggregated & non-aggregated epoxies and many more.  
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Simple, Versatile & Dependable
  • No internal parts contact material
  • No/Low Maintenance
  • Ease of Operation & Cleaning
  • Specially designed Quik-Flo couplings and reduced fittings to help lower pumping pressures and problems.
  • Most skilled and unskilled personnel find the Carrousel® Pump a dream to operate.
  • Can run dry indefinitely without damage, unlike the progressive cavity pumps or rotor/stator pumps.
  • Parabolic hoppers are designed for easy flow of materials, and have no corners to clog.
  • Specially designed 8-jet venturi spray nozzle for fiber filled coatings eliminates clogging.
  • Test reports available upon request.

High Torque Motors

Powerful constant torque electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors are available. These powerheads allow for variable speed and application rates.Other power options available upon request. The 1" through 1.50" is available in 1HP 110/220VAC and 3HP 220 VAC. 

How to Clean a Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump

Cleaning is simple. A cellulose sponge is inserted in the bottom of the hopper, and pulled through by the pumping action with clean water.

This entire line of Quikspray® Carrousel® Pumps are designed to pump and spray materials with or without aggregates and/or reinforcement fibers.


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