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QuikSpray’s Applicator Pump Guns Can Be Used For A Variety of Projects

No matter the type of project that you have coming up, Quikspray applicator pump guns are likely to be a perfect fit. To help ensure that we have an applicator pump gun for most projects, we offer a variety of styles. 


This particular applicator gun nozzle is ideal for shotcrete and other applications where you need to build quickly. The nozzle gets the material where it needs to go. Most people will prefer the straightforward design of this applicator pump gun, but we also offer a curved version. This variation is less common, but it is essential for unique application needs. You can also choose a 1.5- or 2-inch rubber nozzle. 

Depending on the nozzle that you choose, this product will work with our 1.5- or 2.0-inch Quikspray Carrousel Pumps. 

Multi Air Jet

Our multi-air-jet guns are ideal for the heavy or fibrous aggregates that you find across projects. They can work with these heavy-bodied coatings with aggregates or fiber to reinforce them. From industrial coatings to plaster to grout to stucco, the applicator pump gun can handle it. 

Regardless of your project, you should have no issue choosing a Quikspray Multi Air Jet Applicator Gun. This comes from the many choices you have for the product. You can pick from 1.00-, 1.25-, or 1.50-inch internal diameters. You will also get to choose from a wear control or spray pattern control for the rubber orifice. Moreover, you can choose an aluminum nozzle with or without a rubber orifice, stainless steel without an orifice, or a rubber cap with a metal orifice. From there, you can choose from five different jet pole styles or the option to customize them. 

Single Air Jet

Our single air jet applicator guns need less air to atomize the substance but also have a reduced flow. If you choose one of our single air jet guns, you will appreciate the changeable orifices. These give you atomization control over the texture and extra control over the spray pattern. 

Choose a single air jet gun if you need fine atomization, such as waterproofing. These guns are also excellent for acoustics, fireproofing, and other lighter materials. It is also popular for fine plaster or cement finishes. 

Technically, the combination of a metal orifice with a rubber cap is for fireproofing. Nonetheless, it is also excellent for other atomized, fine types of finishes. 

As with the other Quikspray applicator pump guns, this one lets you choose from three internal diameter sizes – 1, 1.25, or 1.5 inches. You can then choose from a rubber (fireproof) cap or a steel (texture) cap. Moreover, you get the choice of standard, short, or customer jet poles. 

Quikspray’s Dedication to Professional Grade Products 

Regardless of the Quikspray applicator pump gun you choose, you will take advantage of the Quikspray dedication to professional-grade products. Your chosen spray gun will last throughout job after job, giving you an applicator that you can rely on. 

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