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Quikspray Pumps & Sprayers Are Top Rated For Decorative Artscapes

Decorative Artscapes are intricately designed sculptures that make an environment look professional and realistic. They can be hard to create if you don’t have the proper materials. Thankfully, QuikSpray pumps and sprayers are top-rated for decorative Artscapes.

What are Artscapes?

Artscapes are artistically designed 3D sculptures that are meant to appeal to the viewer. These designs are meant to look like rocks and rock formations but are not as tough or hard—making them safe for recreational use. Some examples of this are a rock climbing wall or children’s playground equipment. 

Unlike real rock, Artscapes can be manipulated to your desired look and feel. The rock Artscape can be carved to create foot/handholds or intricate arches and designs. Similarly, Artscaping can be used in pools or zoos to create a realistic look and feel to the environment. A rock Artscape is perfect for any situation where you would want to put a rock, but can’t use real rock. 

How to Make an Artscape with Quikspray

While they may look very complicated to create and design, rock Artscapes are actually very simple to make. Quikspray has a wide variety of pumps and sprayers that allow you to mix, and meticulously place your “rocks.” The pump and sprayer combination allows you to mix and spray the mixture onto any hard surface. The sprayers are precise and allow you to apply the mixture directly to a wall or hard surface with no problems. Now, you can make an entire rock Artscape in no time! 

Make it Professional and Realistic with Quikspray

With the help of a Quikspray pump and sprayer, you can create professional and realistic designs for any project. The pump is constantly moving meaning your mixture won’t settle and create clumps or blockages. Our pumps can also run dry (no mixture in them) without damaging the pump. 

The sprayers prevent you from doing everything by hand and make the job much easier. Quikspray carries a variety of sprayers with changeable orifices to control the spray pattern. This allows you to create a variety of different designs with a wide range of materials including stucco, shotcrete, EIFS, veneer plaster, cement, exterior coatings, etc. 

With Quikspray pumps and sprayers, you can get the job done quicker and make it look professional and realistic. 

Any Tool for the Job, Quikspray Has

No matter what type of rock Artscape you are creating, Quikspray has the tool to get it done. The pumps and sprayers made large areas of application quick and easy. Quikspray’s mixers allow you to create large and small batches of the mixture for more precise application. And finally, Quikspray carries paints, mortars, and more to get your job done the way you want. With all of our products and tools, it is no wonder that Quikspray has become the top-rated pump and spray manufacturer for decorative Artscapes. Call us (419) 732-2611, or visit us online today, to get started on your next decorative Artscape project.

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