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QuikSpray Grout Pump & Mixer Become A Top Product for Professionals Nationwide—the 200 GROUT PLANT™

Quikspray is changing the industry with their newest 200 GROUT PLANT™ machine. A grout pump and mixer all in one, this tool will become a top product for professionals nationwide in no time. 

Grout Pump and Mixer in One Unit

When it comes to a grout pump and mixer, they are typically used in conjunction with one another, but never together. Now, it’s time for a change. Quikspray has designed a pump and mixer into an all-in-one unit! You can mix and pump your materials all with one machine. No need to purchase multiple units, when one can get the job done. 

Features/Benefits of the 200 GROUT PLANT™

200-grout-plant-pump-and-mixerThe usual method of pumping and mixing works. It’s just not as efficient as it can be. So, we created the 200 GROUT PLANT™. This unit allows you to operate from one location, assemble and disassemble with ease, and run a dry pump without causing damage. 

Operate Your Grout Pump and Mixer from a Single Location

Now that your grout pump and mixer are a single unit, you don’t have to worry about going between the two. The pump and mixer both run on a single hydraulic system and the mixer is attached to the pump so that one person is able to operate it at a single location. 

Once you are finished mixing up a batch of your material, you release a lever which allows the mixture to flow into the pump. The pump takes the mixture and is able to pump it out onto whatever surface you want. This all in one process allows you to cut out a lot of steps and operate smoother and more efficiently. 

Assemble and Disassemble Quickly

The 200 GROUT PLANT™ is able to be disassembled to fit through a standard 3 ft. doorway. This allows you to take it inside with you for any jobs you have on construction sites or renovation sites. Similarly, the system is able to be re-assembled quickly and with no hassle. Now, no matter what site you are working on, you will have a reliable pump and mixer ready to go. 

Run Dry Pump

With many other pump systems, running it dry (without material) can cause irreparable damage. With the 200 GROUT PLANT™ that is no longer a problem. The pump uses a peristaltic pumping action to move the material. The unique pumping design allows the pump to run dry all day without causing any damage. This allows you to use the mixer independently and only use the pump when you need it. 

Change Spray Nozzle to Fit Material

Unlike other pumps, the 200 GROUT PLANT™ is designed to work with almost any material. This includes shotcrete, stuccos, heavily bodied epoxies, self-consolidating concrete, pour & form, fireproofing material, and many more materials. With this new technology, you can switch out the pump nozzle to fit any material you need. This allows for versatility and provides you with a multi-use machine that you can take on a variety of jobs. 

Professionals Need the 200 GROUT PLANT™

With all of these features and benefits, it is easy to see why the 200 GROUT PLANT™ is going to become a top product for professionals nationwide. This two-in-one system allows you to save money, be more efficient, and offer more services. Looking to invest in your business? Try out the 200 GROUT PLANT™ today!

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