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How To Mix Stucco

Mixing stucco can be challenging, particularly if you don’t have the proper tools or mixing ratios. Don’t worry, Quikspray is here to help. In this article, we will discuss the three different stucco-mixing methods and how/when to use them.

How To Mix Stucco – Three Mixing Methods

When it comes to mixing stucco there are three main mixing methods. There is the barrel/mortar mixer method, there is the bucket method, and there is the wheelbarrow method. These three methods are very different and which one you choose depends on the desired outcome.

Barrel Mixer Or Mortar Mixer

Both the barrel mixer and the mortar mixer method use a machine to mix the stucco. These mixers can be a bit pricey, and can also be dangerous if not operated properly. For this reason, this mixing method is typically used for large/medium jobs such as adding stucco to the exterior of a house.

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A barrel mixer spins the materials in the machine in order to mix them together. In contrast a mortar mixer uses a paddle to mix all of the materials together in a barrel. The mortar mixer is typically more effective, but it will not work if larger rocks are added to the stucco mix.

Bucket, Paddle And A Drill

Another mixing method is the bucket method. With a bucket mixer you simply need a five-gallon bucket, a drill, and a drill paddle attachment. The bucket method is effective for smaller jobs–such as grout or bathroom projects. This method is also much more cost effective and less dangerous.

Wheelbarrow And Hoe/Shovel

The middle ground between the two previous methods is the wheelbarrow stucco mixing method. This method requires a wheelbarrow (surprise, surprise), and a hoe or a shovel. The materials are added to the wheelbarrow and then mixed together with a hoe or a shovel.

This method is great for medium sized jobs and for jobs requiring more than five gallons worth of stucco. However, this method may get tedious because it does require a lot more grunt work. Instead of using an automatic mixer, this method requires you to actually do the mixing.

Mixing the Stucco

Now that we have discussed the three different methods for mixing stucco, let’s talk about the logistics. Before beginning any stucco-related project it is important to note that stucco hardens really fast. That means you will need all of your materials readily available before you even start mixing. This also means that any of your mixing tools need to be wet before you use them as this will prevent the stucco from getting stuck(o) on your tools and hardening.

Before you mix everything together you will want to make sure that you have the proper amount of each material. When it comes to ratios a good rule of thumb is three to one. That means for every three shovels of sand you add, add one shovel of the cement or stucco mix. Add as much water as is necessary to achieve your desired consistency. Pro tip: stucco is easiest to control when it is the consistency of a thick paste.

How To Mix Stucco In A Mixer

how to mix stucco

Before you start mixing, make sure you have all the materials you will need:

  • Mixer of choice
  • Water/Hose
  • Concrete/Stucco mix
  • Masonry/Construction Sand
  1. Once you have your mixing station all set up, add some water to the mixer. Add just enough to get the sand wet.
  2. Now, add roughly a third of the total sand you will use. Mix those two together.
  3. Next add the entirety of the cement mix. Add water until the consistency is like pudding.
  4. Finally, add the remaining sand and necessary water until the stucco is the consistency of a thick paste.

How To Mix Stucco With A Bucket And Drill

how to mix stucco in a bucket

For the bucket and drill method you will need:

  • Two five-gallon buckets (One will be filled with water to use between mixes)
  • Mixing Drill
  • Paddle Attachment
  • Water/Hose
  • Concrete/Stucco Mix
  • Masonry/Construction Sand
  1. Take your bucket and add water to it.
  2. Now add sand and mix together. Make sure you are holding the bucket in place with your feet so that it doesn’t spin with the drill.
  3. Next add the concrete mix and more water and mix together.
  4. Finally add the rest of the sand and more water. Mix until you have reached the correct consistency. Pro tip: Start off with mixing the top portion and then going down further into the bucket, this will help it all mix evenly.

How To Mix The Base Coat In A Wheelbarrow

If you are using the wheelbarrow method you will need:

  • A large wheelbarrow (at least 6 cubic feet–they are less likely to tip over when mixing)
  • A hoe or a shovel (we recommend a hoe, they will be easier to use when mixing)
  • Water/Hose
  • Concrete/Stucco Mix
  • Masonry/Construction Sand
  1. Add some water to the wheelbarrow.
  2. Add roughly a third of the total sand and mix with the water.
  3. Next add the entire cement mix and some extra water. Mix together.
  4. Finally, add the remaining sand amount to the wheelbarrow and water. Make sure you are using just the right amount of water, you should end up with a thick paste. Anything more and the stucco mixture will be too soupy. Anything less and it will be too thick and unable to spread.

Quikspray Makes the Work Easy

Mixing stucco can be challenging, but hopefully this has helped you have a better understanding of how it works. The right tools and materials are necessary to make the best stucco mixture. So, we want you to get the best bang for your buck! Shop our stucco mixers today!

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