Carrousel Pump

A word from Donavan Wunschel who is the branch manager at Midwestern Mechanical, Inc.


I just wanted to let you know that the pump we bought from you guys worked flawlessly.  Thomas really took the time to listen to what it was that we were looking for it to do and really made it work.  We were pumping concrete through 50 foot of hose into a trench that could not be seen. 

Thomas Spraying

In 1972, Quikspray® Inc. sprayed the outside texture of the Port Clinton Yacht Club pool house.  Recently, the pool has been remodeled and new patchwork needed to be completed.


Robert Jackson with Applied Grouting and Concrete Solutions using the Quikspray® 2” Grout Pump and U-Blend® Mixer combination on a barge platform to perform pile jacking repair using a two part epoxy grout.

WOC 2015 Unfinished

Vertical Artisans offers online and live training courses for those new to vertical concrete carving and decorative concrete structures.

World Trade Center

Quikspray®, Inc. had the opportunity to visit one of their customer’s job sites this past year.  

Yoder Compressor Station

Contractors Chemsteel and Stevens Engineering used the Quikspray®Inc. Carrousel® Pump and U-Blend® Mixer combination for a compressor station project. 

Nate Sprouse, job Superintendent for Chemsteel, said “By far the greatest benefit to using the Quikspray pump in this application was that we were able to install the material efficiently and effectively which resulted in a huge labor savings" (

Check out the rest of the success story.

17 Years

A word from an award-winning rock artisan:

"I have been using their equipment for the last seventeen years. They are fast, reliable and friendly. A family owned business that you can count on. Trust Quikspray®, I do. Visit my website at to see what we have done with the Quikspray® pump or buy one from Quikspray®. Tell them Richard at Authentic Environments sent you. All the best!"

~Richard L. Winget~

Check out Richard's YouTube video.

Over 20,000 square feet last year with my prized quikspray. Only problem was air line connection on my eight jet nozzle busted so I used my single jet gun for 2/3 of the project. We used four pump hoses over the duration. The pump ran five days a week for a year solid and purrs like a kitten. Thanks a few tons. 

~Wade Rumble~

Another example of the time tested Quality construction of a Quikspray® Pump. This pump is a fuzz over 40 years old before this company decided to replace it with a new Quikspray® Carrousel® Pump. Call us in another 40 years, keep on pumping!

Two refurbished Quikspray® Quikpumps™ headed back to one of our local marinas for another season of pump outs.

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