Many applications of Fireproofing can be accomplished with several Carrousel® Pump models.

The above picture depicts the grouting application of panelized veneer brick.  This model #1020GR-3 Carrousel® Pump is the smallest in capacity of the Carrousel® Pump line.

This application uses a double hopper Carrousel® Pump model 12510MK-3, with an onboard mixer, being used to spray and apply Glass Fiber Reinforced Surface Bonding Cement.

The Quikspray® Stoneblower™ is a hand-held dry aggregate blower designed to place small stones, marble chips and other decorative products like Coquina shells into unset cement or epoxy base coats for use in decorative panels or exposed aggregate finishes. This unit is not used for small aggregate, like sand, but larger sizes up to #4 work great!  Another use for this unit is placing non-skid into base coats for non-skid applications.

The picture depicts the use of the pneumatically powered Carrousel® Pump #12510 LSA-3-GAM while applying pool plaster with pole gun model #26385.

Note the pictured application of shotcrete over wire re-enforced foam panel for load bearing construction.  These formulas include cement, sand, aggregate, acrylic fortifiers with/without fibers.

The pictured QuikPump™ is a septic pump-out system for the marine industry.  This unit is powered by a standard, single speed 110 VAC motor, but multiple power systems are available with or without variable speed options.

This application shows a 1.5” I.D. pneumatically (safe around water) powered Carrousel® Pump, model #15020N5S-3-GAM, pumping an epoxy formula into pile jackets to repair spalled concrete on bridge or deck pilings.

These artistic applications of stamped concrete work were designed and applied by Stan Pace of Pace Decorative Solutions.

These formulas are very similar to the standard modified shotcrete formulas used in load bearing situations. The pneumatic model 15010TBM-3-GAM Carrousel® Pump with Trigon is pumping a cementitious product with fiber reinforcing. The world proven peristaltic pumping system and specially designed Quikspray® material line couplings and 8-airjet spray gun allow for a continuous flow of product without plugging. The #26435 Pole gun, with 8-air jets and S/S head configuration or #26428 Pole gun, with 8-airjets and replaceable orifices for finer textures, helps with pumping, as it provides no resistance with a venturi spray nozzle, which actually increases the flow within the spray gun tube.

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