2" Carrousel® Pump

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The Quikspray® 2” Carrousel® Pump is designed around an efficient peristaltic pumping system and specially designed couplings which allow for the pumping of materials with or without aggregates and/or reinforcing fibers.


Advantages to the Quikspray® 2” Carrousel® Pump 

  • Highest production pump we manufacture
    • Approximately 6 Cubic Yards Per Hour
  • Capable of moving more heavily aggregated products
    • Approximately 3/8" Aggregate
  • Increases pumping pressure and distance
  • Comes with caster wheels or upgraded to large 16" pneumatic tires
  • For use on larger commercial jobs
  • Excellent for shotcrete, stuccos, heavily bodied epoxies, self-consolidating concrete, pour & form, fireproofing material, and many more materials making this the most versatile pump in the world
  • Unlike other pumping systems, the peristaltic pump can clean out in the matter of minutes using minimal water
  • Test reports available upon request




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2” Carrousel Pump Models

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