Vertical Artisans

Vertical Artisans offers online training and hands on classes that illustrates the methods, styles and techniques of hand carved vertical decorative concrete along with many other interesting art forms. We are also a community of professional artisans skilled in a variety of decorative concrete building crafts.

The Carve-Right product will expedite the production of artistic projects throughout the world by simplifying the design mix aspect to a “just add water” and go scenario! It is easy to pump which means less wear and tear on manpower and equipment.

Quax Pumps are excellent tools for dewatering construction sites. The Quax 50 (2”) and the Quax 75 (3”) can be coupled to construction equipment that has a hydraulic connection, such as a skid steer or mini excavator, to conveniently move water from any spot in the construction area. Quax Pumps designed their first pump in 1988. With nearly 30 years of design and manufacturing of water pumps, Quax Pumps has the experience and knows how to enable our submersible range to give high performance and durability in arduous and demanding environments. Anytime mass dewatering is necessary, Quax is the pump for you.

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