Carrousel® Heavy-Duty Grout Pump

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The Quikspray® Carrousel® Heavy-Duty Grout Pump is designed around an efficient peristaltic pumping system and specially designed couplings which allow for the pumping of materials with or without aggregates and/or reinforcing fibers. 

Advantages to the Quikspray® Carrousel® Heavy-Duty Grout Pump

  • Single Hopper Model Available in 1", 1.50", and 2" Internal Diameter
  • Worldwide Acceptance due to simplicity & dependibility
  • Will pump anything that is near liquid
  • No internal moving parts contact product 
  • Low/no maintenance
  • Easily cleaned
  • Pump sold separately or as part of complete assembly
  • Test reports available upon request

It’s current use is in handling heavily-filled materials such as plaster, portland cement mixtures, uncured epoxy mortars, and all types of building materials with or without aggregates and fibers. Some models can also be converted to many other applications including the spray application of fireproofing, stuccos, cement/plaster coatings, pool plaster, accoustics, and artificial rock and water features.

Powerful pneumatic motors or constant torque AC/DC motors (hydraulic also available) allow variable speed and application rates. This durable unit is extremely mobile with its own 4.80/400 - 8 wheels and 16” pneumatic tires.


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