Silicone lubricant & sponges

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Silicone is used to extend the life of the pumpline by applying it to the outside case of the pumpline prior to instillation.  Silicone is also good to coat the equipment with so the material is easier to wash off during clean up.  A clean machine is easier to do routine maintenance.  Sponges and sponge balls are used to clean the inside of the pumpline and material line without having to disconnect the material line.  

The 1.50”  sponge ball is for use with 1.25 and 1.50” systems.


Part Numbers: 

  • 26810: Cellulose sponge (pump hose cleaning)
  • 26815: 1” ID hose cleaning sponge ball
  • 26825: 1.50” ID hose cleaning sponge ball  
  • 26830: 2” ID hose cleaning sponge ball
  • 27210: 8 oz. liquid silicone  


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